API-510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Preparatory Course

We are happy to inform our first course on API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Preparatory course completed successfully on 16th Nov, 2013.

We are happy our students got an great opportunity to learn from Sri.Diwakar Joshi / Sri.Amit Deshpande / Sri.Prakash Tamhankar

All the candidates were happy and concluded that they are very confident of clearing the exam with superb presentation and teaching from Sri.Diwakar Joshi and team.

We are planning to conduct next API 510 Preparatory course by February, 2014.

API-510 API-510 API-510_1 API-510_2 API-510_3 API-510_4 API-510_5 API-510_6 API-510_7 API-510_8 API-510_9 API-510_10

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